Your Intro to “Experiential Travel”


Your Intro to “Experiential Travel”

Nowadays, many people are seeking to have unique experiences or book what we like to call “experiential” or “transformational” travel. People want cultural or diverse opportunities to get to know places in a more intimate way. While there is still a great opportunity to see famous sights and attractions, many tours are intermingling unique experiences into the itinerary. Check out just a few of these “Experiential Travel” opportunities people are looking at today!

Hawaii to Tahiti – South Seas Odyssey Cruise – Sail from Hawaii to Tahiti and various South Pacific islands in between on the Aranui 5. The Aranui 5 is a passenger/freighter vessel allowing both tourists and crew members alike to interact on a more personal level. To get full details of what this experience is like, check out this article: Aranui – A Cruise Experience Unlike Any Other!

Thailand – Thailand has one of the friendliest people you will encounter. Take a break from the tourist traps and walk through the food and flower markets. This is a great opportunity to see the way people live their day to day lives. If you want to feel like you are in Disney’s Tangled, head to Chiang Mai during the Yee Peng Festival to watch floating lanterns fill the night sky. For those hoping to interact with animals, take an excursion to bathe, feed, and ride elephants.

Star Clipper – I bet you will never have a cruise experience quite like the one you will have when you sail on a tall, masted sailboat. As the bridge is accessible for guests, you can learn what it is like to handle a Star Clipper. Plus, you can help set the sails, climb the masts, and so much more! If you want a cruise experience that combines modern comforts and exhilarating adventure, then this is an experience for you.

Alaska – One of the more popular cruise destinations sought after, but a must for that bucket list of yours! This state is a gorgeous, wild frontier full of small towns, massive glaciers, and scenery just as breathtaking as the Fjords of Norway.

U.S. River Cruises – The U.S. may not have majestic castles bordering their rivers like those along the main European rivers, but they have something to offer of their own. Better yet, no passport is required to cruise along rivers such as the Mississippi, Columbia, and Snake river. During autumn, the famous fall foilage blooms and you may just feel like you have entered a gorgeous desktop screensaver!

Expedition cruising to Galapagos – Expedition cruising is all about exploration and going off the beaten path so to speak. Combine that with a trip to Galapagos, truly a place unlike any other where the wildlife alone is a reason to visit, and you have got yourself an itinerary you will be talking about for years to come.

How do you make your vacations unique?

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