Where Can I get a Covid Test for Travel?

Where Can I get a Covid Test for Travel?

Many destinations require a negative Covid test in order to travel also that you be tested within 72 hours of your flight departure.  It can be difficult finding a place that will test for travel because most testing locations only test if you are showing symptoms or have a medical reason to get tested.

DISCLAIMER: The below information is for reference only. We do not endorse or encourage traveling against government and health travel advisories. It is your responsibility to verify entry and testing requirements. The decision to travel is your responsibility.

The CDC recently announced that all travelers returning to the U.S. from international destination will require a negative Covid test.  Information regarding this new requirement is below.

Know the Entry Requirements Before Scheduling a Test

There are solutions.  But before looking at where and how to get tested make sure you know what type of test is required.  You can find links to destination entry and testing requirements here for a full list of countries or visit “BLOG: Where Can I Travel.” This is not a comprehensive list of destinations, but it includes the most popular destinations.

Keep in mind that some destinations require certain types of tests, that is, PCR or NAAT, and some destinations will not accept antibody tests. Many destinations have approved labs and vendors and will not allow entry if a test is not from an approved vendor or testing center. Some may only accept a nasal or throat swab and not a saliva test.  Make sure to read carefully the specific entry requirements for your destination before scheduling a test.

Where to Get a Covid Test

Many destinations will accept certain at home tests that are overseen by a doctor and this is the most convenient and reliable way to get tested. For instance, Hawaii has some at home tests on their approved list.  You should order the test a few days before your required test date and it is shipped to you overnight.  On the day of your test, you connect with a doctor using video conferencing on your phone and the doctor will watch you administer the test.  You then will take it directly to UPS and overnight it to the lab.  You will have the test results back in 12-48 hours of it arriving to the lab just in time for your vacation.

At home saliva tests (approved for Hawaii):

Vault Health – $119 (saliva test)

Costco – $130 (saliva test)

Some destinations require a test sample using a nasal swab.  Below is an at home test that is a nasal swab test. This is one of American Airlines testing partners for the Caribbean (this test is not approved for Hawaii).

At home nasal tests (approved for some Caribbean destinations):

LetsGetChecked – $119 (nasal test)

In Person Testing:

Walgreens will administer tests for travelers at certain locations. Their appointments fill up fast and they are only scheduled 3 days in advance of the day you need to be tested.  Information for Walgreens can be found here: Walgreens Covid Testing. https://www.walgreens.com/findcare/covid19/testing

Covid Clinic Inc. Has several in person clinics in the Western U.S. (Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington). They will provide test for travelers and have several types of tests.  Make sure to check what type of test is required before scheduling a test. (Currently they are not approved for travel to Hawaii.) For more information: https://covidclinic.org/

CVS also has Covid testing at certain locations. Click here for details

Also, you also can contact your family physician. They may be able to schedule an appointment in the time frame needed.  There are also several private labs, some near major airports, that will do testing for travelers. These private tests can range from $200 – $300 per test.

Testing Near Airports:

Some airlines have teamed up with airport and medical professionals to facilitate testing at or near airport locations. One of the companies providing Covid tests at airports is XpresCheck. Click here for XpresCheck information.

Additional Options For Our Customers in Utah

In the Salt Lake City area Olympus Health Care is a private lab that will provide testing for travelers. Click Here

In the Salt Lake City area Progenitor MDX is a private lab that will provide testing for travelers in 24-48 hours. Click Here

Intermountain Health Care also mentions on their website that they will do tests for travelers. Click Here

For many destinations the two at home tests will work best, but make sure to verify and confirm your destination requirements before proceeding.  Enjoy your travels!

CDC Requirement Requiring a Covid Test to Return to the U.S.

Starting on January 26, 2021 the CDC requires all passengers entering the United States from international destination to have a negative Covid test. The good news is that many hotels and resorts especially hotels and resorts in Mexico, The Caribbean and Central America are offering FREE Covid testing (some do have a fee) on site.  Hotels and resorts are trying to make getting the test for your return travel as easy as possible.  Many resorts are also offer FREE or reduced rate accommodations for quarantine if a test comes back positive.

The best place to get information on what your resort is doing is by calling your Columbus Travel advisor at 800-373-3328.

Click here for a link to the new CDC rule

Click here for the CDC FAQ about the new testing requirement

Hotel Testing Policies (Columbus Travel agents have a more comprehensive list)

NOTE: Some hotels require a minimum length of stay to qualify for free or reduced testing and will only cover up to 2 people in a room (cost for additional guests). Currently most free testing is only available for stays through March 31, 2021. Each resort will re-evaluate depending on current conditions.  This list was updates on January 20, 2021 and can change at any time.  This list includes resorts in Mexico the Caribbean and Central America. Contact your agent at Columbus Travel for additional resort policies for smaller and independent resorts and for the most up to date information.

Karisma Resorts

Includes: El Dorado Hotels, Azul Hotels, Nickelodeon Hotels, Margaritaville and Generations in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica

Playa Resorts

Includes: Hyatt Ziva, Hyatt Zilara, Panama Jacks, Hilton All-Inclusive Resorts, Sanctuary Cap Canan & Jewel Resorts in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Posadas Resorts

Includes: Fiesta Americana and Live Aqua resorts in Mexico & the Dominican Republic.

AIC Resorts

Includes: Hard Rock resorts & UNICO in Mexico & the Dominican Republic.

Iberostar Resorts

Includes: All Iberostar resorts in Mexico, Jamaica & the Dominican Republic.

  • Free on site antigen test available through March 31, 2021.
  • If positive Covid test resorts will offer up to 10 nights free for quarantine
  • Additional information: https://www.iberostaragents.com/tests

RIU Resorts

Includes: RIU resorts in Mexico, Jamaica & the Dominican Republic.