What to Look for in an All-Inclusive Resort

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What to Look for in an All-Inclusive Resort

When looking at what type of all-inclusive resort you should stay at, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. You don’t want to accidentally show up with your little kids in hand to an adult’s only property. That would be awkward! And vice versa. If you and your partner are looking to spend some quality time together without a lot of interruption, you may want to consider staying at an adult’s only property where their focus is to provide a luxurious experience away from the busy chatter of little ones. Choosing a resort is like picking out a flavor of ice cream. There are a lot of amazing flavors and choices, but the ice cream with the best taste, or the all-inclusive resort with superior quality, often costs a little more than the generic or less expensive option. Any time you are looking at booking your vacation at an all-inclusive resort, here are five recommended questions to ask yourself:

Is this a family vacation or a couple’s getaway?

What kind of restaurants are there and how many?

Is the resort located close to city night life or secluded near the beach?

What activities are offered and included?

What do I get for how much money I’m paying?

First off, decide whether your vacation is for the whole family or a retreat just for you and your partner. If your vacation is going to be for the whole family and you have young kids in tow, consider looking for a resort that offers onsite babysitting services or kids and teens clubs. And, even though a resort may be kid friendly, don’t forget to make sure that they know how to spoil the adults as well with spa services or poolside service. On the other hand, if you are on any sort of honeymoon, anniversary, or couple’s getaway, look at resorts that provide a sophisticated retreat – whether lively or romantic.

You can often tell what type of resort it is by the amenities and activities they offer. Family-friendly resorts such as the Generations Riviera Maya in Cancun provide the opportunity for kids to do what kids do best – be creative and use their imagination! Kids ages 4-12 join the Eko Kids Club for arts and crafts, while kids 13 years and older spend time in the teens club where they can dive into movies and more! The resort offers many services for families including baby amenities, family dinners on the beach, and onsite babysitting.

For that romantic getaway, the El Dorado Royale in Playa del Carmen offers a Jacuzzi in every suite. Pools, Balinese beds, a swim-up bar, and spa facilities are available to use at your leisure. Plus, don’t forget the nine different à la carte restaurants to satisfy your every craving. Other resorts, like the Excellence Playa Mujeres in Cancun, exude luxury. Steps away from the resort are outdoor pools, watersports, and the beach. The resort is spacious and adequately stocked with outdoor gear such as kayaks, windsurfing boards, and snorkeling gear.

As you narrow down your search for the perfect resort, figure out where you want the resort to be located. If you are all about that night life, stay at a resort close to the city center. Need a complete separation from life’s hustle and bustles? Then look for a hotel secluded in paradise. Need the beach? Many all-inclusive resorts are located on or near the beach, it all depends on how close you want to be.

The number of restaurants may not seem so important now, but after a day out in the sun, you’ll want to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of options to feed your hungry stomach. It is the same with activities provided. If you don’t want to do anything else besides sitting on a beach chair, drinking piña coladas, and hearing the waves crash against the shore, then your resort should be conveniently located near the beach and offer beachside service. If you want to go paddle boarding or snorkeling, then your resort should include a variety of outdoor water sport equipment.

The saying, “you get what you pay for,” is especially true when it comes to booking an all-inclusive resort. Sometimes it is worth paying an extra few hundred dollars in order to get a resort that offers greater comfort, superior food, and all-around better service. Don’t short change yourself and your vacation because of a few hundred dollars.

As you ask yourself these questions, just think of it as a chance to customize your very own vacation.

Do you know what is included in your all-inclusive resort?

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