What to Know about Missionary Pick-Up

Missionary Pick up

What to Know about Missionary Pick-Up

Are you planning on picking up your missionary? I’m not talking about picking them up at the airport, rather, I’m talking about traveling to another state or country to go pick them up. Before you even purchase the plane ticket or a hotel reservation, here is the basics of what you need to know:

The “Release Date”: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a good idea to double check the day your missionary is officially getting released. Is your son or daughter extending their mission? Did the original date of release (given when the missionary started the MTC) change? Have your missionary double check their release date or call the mission office for this information.

The Return Ticket: When picking up your missionary, you are required to purchase “your missionary’s return travel ticket.” Because the church will no longer be the ones purchasing the ticket, they may send you a “travel allowance” that you can use for the plane ticket. In order to receive this allowance, you must email a copy of the ticket to the mission office and ask for it to be sent to the individual in charge of booking your missionary’s travel plans.

Traveling Information and Documentation: If you will be traveling to a foreign country, don’t forget to bring a valid passport and visa (if it is required). Read up about safety and necessary documentation on helpful websites from the U.S. State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Plan the Details: This trip is unique and different from other vacations and trips you will take. Know your budget, how long you will be away from home, if you are traveling to multiple areas in your missionary’s mission, etc. Also consider if you will be spending your time in areas other than within the mission boundaries. Make sure your missionary is aware of your coming and how long you plan to spend in their mission area. Have them plan out what people to visit and what areas you will be in.

Travel Arrangements: At least 3 months prior to the release date, you will need to notify the Mission President. You can either book your travel arrangements on your own or through a travel agent. Please do not ask anyone in your son or daughter’s mission to help with or book your travel, that is not their responsibility.

Still a Missionary: Be mindful that your child is still a missionary when you go to pick them up and as they travel home with you. That means that they are still asked to dress the part and follow the mission rules, including having a companion at all times (a parent or mature sibling may act as a companion) until they are released from service.

Be Respectful: Please be respectful and time considerate of the Mission President, missionaries, and members as they are busy fulfilling their responsibilities. Constant calls and requests can distract from the purpose of a mission which is to uplift and serve.

For more information, please visit MissionaryPickUp.com

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