“Transformational Travel”

Patagonia, South America

“Transformational Travel”

“Transformational Travel” is not merely a break from the day-to-day routine, it is a life changing experience. It is a vacation that will impact you for the rest of your life. One that changes perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors of an individual. Your time will be spent learning first-hand about the people and land. Visiting with locals and understanding what it’s like to live there is a part of the journey. You may see and learn more than anything found on the pages of a history book or in a classroom. Your opinion about yourself and the world may alter and hopefully for the better. Wherever you go and whoever you meet helps you make better decisions. You truly feel the country and become apart of it.

What do “Transformational Travel” experiences look like?

Many transformative experiences may already look like activities you want to do or sights you want to see. However, to truly have a transformative experience, you will need to immerse yourself among the local people and become educated about their lifestyle and the land they live on. Here are some examples:

Iceland: While in Iceland, you may explore museums and local eateries or eat freshly baked hot spring bread with geothermally boiled eggs. Take the opportunity to learn about the Northern Lights and other spectacular nature sights by watching a film or talking to a specialist. Immerse yourself in Iceland’s nature habitats of ice and icebergs by appreciating the beauty with the locals.

Pacific Coast Cruise: Head close to home on a Pacific Coastal Cruise. Get to know people in your neighboring states by exploring San Francisco with someone born and raised there! Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge for an unforgettable and rare experience. Learn about and journey through Lewis and Clark country. Meet people in Canada as you stop in Victoria, British Columbia.

Peru: In Peru, don’t just see Machu Picchu, climb it. As you walk through food markets, get to know the people and how they prepare local dishes. See how their society comes together to work and help one another. Your journey may take you to see the architectural work of the Incas and learn how the past has affected the present-day community. See ancient remains such as pyramidal tombs and learn about the way locals live now.

Israel: Traveling to the Holy Land will give you the opportunity to not only converse with the locals, but to eat and sleep like a local too. Here you may experience the old and new Jerusalem where you will see places you’ve most likely just read about. See scriptural sights while learning and discussing what took place many years ago. You may also have the opportunity to eat lunch “patterned after the last Supper.” You will get to see what it’s like to live in the Holy Land while learning how the past continues to affect today’s generation.

What life-changing vacations have you had?

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