Resourceful Ways To Save Money For Travel

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Resourceful Ways To Save Money For Travel

Have you been eyeing an Alaskan cruise? Or, even a romantic getaway to Hawaii? Maybe your kids have been begging to go on a summer vacation. Yet each vacation requires some kind of dollar bill and it’s being pulled in every direction. In order to help, here are some great and resourceful ways to save money for travel. Because the best time to travel is always now and the benefits of travel are far greater to your well-being!

1. Get a travel agent! They can save you money on your trip in ways you wouldn’t be able to if you booked on your own. Get the sale, deal, and more for your buck just by having a travel agent book your vacation for you. The best part here at Columbus Travel is that you don’t have to pay for a travel agent’s services because the agents are paid by commission! That means you pay for the vacation you want. The cruise lines, resorts, etc., pay the travel agent, not you!

2. Probably one of the easiest ways to save and to avoid forgetting to set vacation money aside is to open a savings account specifically for travel. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to set up an automatic transfer from each pay check. That way you know you are not overspending for your vacation or taking out money needed for everyday living.

3. Start minimizing those extra expenses and use the money instead for travel. Say you are going to buy a soda at the gas station. Instead, use the money you would spend on the soda and put it in an envelope, jar, or somewhere safe. You might be surprised at how fast a dollar here and there can add up. This also applies to grocery store spending. Just look at the bottom of your receipt to find out what you saved that transaction. Whatever dollar amount is given is what you can put into your vacation savings.

4. Consider getting rid of your landline or cable if you have one. Or do some research and work on the side for some extra income doing things such as selling homemade crafts or having a garage sale. Simple things like lowering your grocery budget each month or not purchasing a gym pass can help towards a vacation. Another possibility is to do what Teri Cettina [1] wrote called “Pantry Week.” For the months building up to your departure, dedicate one week each month as “Pantry Week.” This means no eating out or buying groceries for that week because whatever you decide to eat must come from what you already have in the pantry and/or fridge. Every penny counts!

Most of all make the savings a couple or family event. Make it fun! Track your savings in a way that is easily accessible and creates action (Example: put a star on the chart). You are saving for something fun, so why shouldn’t the saving part be easy and fun too?!

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