Unique Cruises Around the World


Unique Cruises Around the World

There are some unique cruise companies that do cruising differently. Do you know who they are?


Get ready to go on one of the most unique cruise experiences you’ll ever have! Aranui, a passenger/freighter vessel, sails to some of the most beautiful islands in French Polynesia and the South Pacific. Not only does the cruise line deliver supplies to the islanders, it provides an opportunity for tourists to see some of the most remote islands in the world and a chance to come in contact with island culture that is untainted by the rest of the world. Rather than the typical board walk to get off at each port, men help each passenger disembark by putting them into a small boat. The half cruise/ half container ship offers itineraries that far surpass what even the greatest daydreamer can think of. For more information on Aranui Cruises, check out this article:  Aranui – A Cruise Experience Unlike Any Other!

Paul Gauguin

Once you have sailed on a Paul Gauguin cruise, it’s easy to see why it is an award-winning company. Each ship delivers an intimate experience where detail is everything. Paul Gauguin furnishes guests with a luxurious stay and unparalleled close up views to South Pacific islands. As a passenger, you can enjoy access to privately owned beaches in Taha’a and Bora Bora, be entertained with interactive Polynesian programs, and learn how to scuba dive! Paul Gauguin extends opportunities to get involved with local island culture all year round. Most itineraries even have overnight port stays. This is your chance to cruise to exotic destinations in absolute comfort and get as close to an all-inclusive cruise experience as you possibly can.


Hurtigruten is for the wanderers, explorers, and dreamers. As an expedition cruise line sailing to out of the way places around the world, Hurtigruten feeds those hungry for adventure. Not to mention that the food they have onboard is pretty amazing as well! More time is focused on the ever-changing landscapes rather than indoor entertainment. Since the late 1800’s, Hurtigruten has established a vast knowledge of the Norwegian Fjords and sailings to the poles (both ends of the world). While Hurtigruten also provides passage to South America, Europe, Alaska, and the Caribbean, your time onboard will be more about making new traditions, good friends, and phenomenal memories.

Star Clipper

Think sailing ship combined with a modern-day luxurious yacht for the perfect cruising experience. The Star Clipper cruises are tall-masted sailing ships that give all the sensations of a sailor’s experience including a lookout crows-nest and a spacious open deck. Who knows, you may even have the opportunity to help set the sails. During your voyage, be on the watch out for stunning island views as you comfortably relax in elegant cabins and luxurious dining areas. Because Star Clipper cruises come in small sizes, they are able to transport guests to areas larger cruise lines cannot access. Plenty of water sports, time to mingle with the crew, and really, the entire sailing experience, are some of the many highlights of Star Clipper.

Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Cruise & Maritime Voyages offers smaller to mid-size cruise ships with a flare of traditional British culture. All cruise itineraries, with a few multi-generational exceptions, are for adults only. Programs are even available for solo travelers and those who want to celebrate a special occasion. Onboard you will find delicious cuisine, daytime activities, guest speakers, and more! Cruise & Maritime Voyages provide a classic cruising experience on older ships without all of the bells and whistles. Don’t let that deter you though! These voyages are in every sense of the word both ambitious and reasonably affordable compared to many other expedition cruises. Take a unique exploration cruise to a whole new level with an Icelandic, northern lights or Sea of Cortez voyage.

In general, cruising is a fantastic way to see the world and get access to view stunning landscapes not easily reached by motor vehicle or foot. However, cruising with companies such as Aranui, Paul Gaugin, Hurtigruten, Star Clipper, or Cruise & Maritime Voyages by far provides the ultimate sailing experience.

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