Traveling with Children 101


Traveling with Children 101

Traveling as a family creates many memories. Sometimes though, travel can be so stressful that many parents will forego travel altogether. As opportunities arise for you to travel as a family, you may question whether it’s really worth the trouble to leave the comforts of your own home and take your kids along. Here are things you can do that will make traveling with your kids much easier.

Buy an extra ticket

Although children under 2 don’t have to buy a seat on the plane and many parents just put their children on their laps, if you can afford it buy an extra ticket and bring your own car seat. This comes in handy in cases of turbulence and you also end up gaining extra space to take a nap or read a book. For those who don’t want to lug around a car seat, invest in an FAA-approved CARES airplane safety harness.

Invest in a backpack

It is much easier to carry the necessities for your baby or little one in a backpack rather than a shoulder bag that can easily slip off. A backpack can free up your hands in order to hold a car seat or your little ones who may want to run around everywhere.

Download apps

Download applications for toddlers on your phone or tablet to give your kids an activity to do while waiting in the airport or on the plane. These resources are great specifically for kids who are not old enough to read yet.

Things for wandering children

To help you keep a close eye on your children, purchase a leash backpack or a child locator (this allows you to set off a transmitter alarm and follow the sound until you find your child). If you don’t like those options, have one of your adult family members traveling with you to watch your little ones. Above all, create a family plan of what your family will do if someone gets lost.

Get their input

When your children get involved in the planning and they know that there is something of interest for them on the outing, they will be more willing to go and with a better attitude!

Pack extras

Often, there are many tips to bring extra snacks, clothes for the baby, wet wipes, etc. But one thing I definitely recommend is bringing an extra outfit for YOU. Having an extra shirt in your carry on allows you the flexibility to change in case of accidents.

Go early and take your time

Parents, give yourself and your family enough time to get through the airport. Rushing through to get to your terminal before your flight leaves adds too much stress for everyone. It’s better to be too early than too late.

While kids will do what they want to do no matter how well you prepare yourself, there are always things you can do to make traveling a little easier. What tips have worked for you?

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