What to Ask: Purchasing Travel Protection

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What to Ask: Purchasing Travel Protection

Purchasing travel protection is highly recommended when going on vacation, even when there is no foreseeable obstacle in the future. However, travel protection policies are not created equal. So how do you know what you are purchasing? Is it going to cover everything you can think of and more? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when looking at which travel protection policy to purchase:

What does it cover?
Just because you purchase travel protection, doesn’t mean everything is going to be covered. There are plans that cover sickness, injury or death, traffic accidents, jury duty, strikes, military duty, terrorist incidents, and more. Other plans cover literally everything including minor personal inconveniences! And there are still some plans that cover just the bare minimum. Be cautious that some policies only cover the cost of the cruise or hotel accommodation or flight, while other plans cover everything purchased for the vacation (flight, cruise, hotel, rental car, tours, etc.). While some credit cards include travel protection, be mindful if the policy covers foreign travel protection or if it is just covering state side. If you are unsure of what your policy covers or if you want to make sure it will cover what you need, then talk to your travel agent or a travel protection specialist.

How long does it cover you?
Does the policy cover you from the moment it is purchased or once you arrive at your vacation destination? What about your travel days or when you are on your way to the airport? Check the policy for what dates are covered.

How much does it cost?
It’s no surprise that some protection policies cost more than others. The underlying question you should ask yourself is “With everything this policy covers, is it worth the price I’m about to pay?” Or, “If I am ever in a pickle, would the cost be worth it?” While having a travel protection policy does not guarantee that your trip will play out perfectly or prevent any problems from happening, it can help cover the cost of a sticky situation if one should arise.

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