Mississippi River Cruises – Save up to $1400!

Mississippi River Cruises – Save up to $1400!

per person

Save up to $1400 when Cruise the Mississippi River with American Queen. Experience the majesty and history of the river starting at $1499 per person plus taxes and fees. Discover America from the amazing perspective of the river aboard a historic paddle wheel river boat. Book with Columbus Travel and American Queen Steamboat Company by September 30, 2020 and save up to $1400 per stateroom (included in above price) on many 2021 departures.

Call Columbus Travel and mention promotion code EBD for a discounted Mississippi River Cruise

The up to $1400 discount will be applied if booking is paid in full at the time of reservation. Taxes and fees not included in cruise rate and are additional.

Featured Sailings:

8 or 9 day Cruise St. Louis to Minneapolis (or reverse)

The Mississippi River stretches north toward country that’s almost as wild and beautiful as it was during Mark Twain’s lifetime. From St. Louis to Minneapolis, the journey through America is still enlivened by the coming and going of rivercraft. The Upper Mississippi River offers the opportunity to explore the territory that served as his muse.

15 or 16 day cruise Minneapolis to New Orleans

Watch landscapes, cultures and even language transform as we cruise along the Mississippi river from Minneapolis to New Orleans. Each new experience is as rare and beautiful as the last. Traversing the entire Mississippi River is a venture, a true bucket-list experience. On a Mighty Mississippi journey, travelers find adventure, an escape from the ordinary and the romance of the steamboat era.

6, 8 or 9 day cruise Roundtrip New Orleans

Explore unique sites and attractions along the Mississippi River and admire the beauty of the world around you. Uncover the treasures of Lower Mississippi River cities as you indulge in iconic Louisiana cuisine spiced with the cultural flavors of the region’s past. Beginning and ending in one of America’s iconic cities, a roundtrip New Orleans journey offers a sample of the South.

8- or 9-day River Cruise: New Orleans to Memphis (or reverse)

The Lower Mississippi River has stories to share – a legacy that flows from Memphis to the Gulf of Mexico. Embark on more than just a cruise, and return with more than memories: experience, understanding, an enlightened perspective. Let us introduce you to the American South and show you all the great sights and port cities as we cruise the legendary Mississippi river.

8- or 9-day River Cruise: Memphis to St. Louis (or reverse)

Traces of history remain to reflect upon as we drift along the mighty Mississippi River between Memphis and St. Louis. From Native myths to cartoon icons to resurrected memories of the harsh realities of war, this voyage threads together events of the past into the fabric that will form the future of this exceptional stretch of communities in the heart of a nation. Discover the best of the Mississippi river and enjoy exciting port cities along the way.


NCF or port fees are included in all cruise prices. Government fees and taxes are not included. Unless noted airfare and transfers are not included in listed fares. Cruise ships are of foreign registry: Bermuda, Bahamas, Italy etc.