Top FREE Travel Apps

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Top FREE Travel Apps

Take a look at these FREE apps to assist you on your next vacation:

Mobile Passport: Looking to save time when you return from a fabulous foreign destination vacation? This app will help expedite your entry back into the U.S. Follow the instructions in the app and once you have landed, follow the Mobile Passport signs and say good-bye to long lines! (Not all airports accept Mobile Passport, so double check if it is usable at the airport you arrive in.)

TripIt: TripIt: Travel Planner helps users with trip details such as flights, accommodations, or dinner reservations are all organized into one spot. You can create your own itinerary or have TripIt create one for you. If you decide to upgrade the app to TripIt Pro, be prepared to pay for it.

PackPoint: Tired of coming up with a new packing checklist every time you travel? PackPoint will generate a checklist for you. All you have to do is tell the app where you are going, for how long, and if it is a vacation or business trip.

Airline Apps: Depending on which airline you fly on (Delta, Southwest, Alaska Airlines, etc), download their app to check-in or see your flight status.

Smart Traveler: The US State Department has issued country information and advisories (including alerts and warnings) for your safety. Get all the information in this app.

Duolingo: Traveling the world is quite exhilarating, but not being fluent in other languages can make getting around a bit difficult. With this app, you can practice important phrases to assist you and help you avoid ordering something you don’t want to eat. This is also a great resource for children!

XE Currency: If you are going abroad, then you need this app! It is the perfect resource to look up currency conversion. Once you look up a currency rate, all the information is stored so you can access it offline at a later time.

Splitwise: Split your bills evenly and keep track of your IOUs and payments with this app. Or use Venmo to pay (or be paid) money to your friends and family.

SitOrSquat: If you are pregnant, have little kids, or just have a small bladder, SitOrSquat is going to locate the nearest free restroom.

Disneyland® or My Disney Experience (for Disney World): Disneyland, Disney World, and Wait times for Disneyland are your go-to guide apps for Disney parks. Locate your favorite Disney characters and check out ride wait times.


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