Top 5 Ziplines Around the World

Top 5 Ziplines Around the World

Zipline expectations have been set pretty high. In general, ziplines are extraordinary. But, has your surrounding zipline scenery been absolutely exquisite? Or, has your zipline tour screamed for you to come back for another unforgettable trip? We’re talking about pounding hearts, rush of wind, adrenaline pumping, amazing scenery; and these ziplines have the whole package. We’ve ranked our top 5 ziplines around the world from great to greatest.

5. Dragon’s Breath Flight Line – Haiti
Ready, set, blast off! Or, at least that’s what if feels like as you start at 500 feet above the beach and make the 2,600 plus foot long ride down to Dragon’s Breath Rock. Catching speeds between 40-50 mph, this zipline is quite impressive. Dragon’s Breath Flight Line is nicely situated on Labadee, Haiti, an island privately owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. This means that this extremely alluring zipline is exclusive to Royal Caribbean cruisers only.

4. Keana Farms – Oahu
Keana Farms is a working farm that offers a wide variety of activities including 8 side-by-side zipline runs. Enjoy views of Oahu’s North Shore mountains, charming farms, and incredible beaches as you ride ziplines between 500 and 2400 feet long. Get amazing views of Oahu’s less crowded side and get your adrenaline running.

3. Pacific Aerial Tram – Costa Rica
Combine a rainforest aerial tram with a zipline tour for about 2.5 hours of tropical sensory overload and an exhilarating zipline experience. In the Central Pacific coast near Jaco Beach, you will find a park with 10 ziplines and 15 platforms. Make the trek to the beginning of your zipline platform by hoping onboard an open-air gondola as you look for Costa Rican wildlife. The Pacific Aerial Tram is not merely a tram ride with a typical zipline, it provides a whole new perspective on the rainforest.

2. Sky Trek Arenal – Costa Rica
Located in Arenal Park, the Sky Trek Arenal is a mind-blowing experience. Not only are you flying through a lush tropical forest, but you can see the impressive Arenal Volcano off in the distance making for a beautiful ride. Just imagine taking in breathtaking views as you ride in a tram up the mountain and experience speeds of up to 43.5mph on your way down. It is thrilling to say the least! Sky Trek Arenal takes care of all the work and their ziplines include a professional certified braking system with a backup so you can enjoy every second of the ride. Plus, you don’t have to walk to the zipline! Just take the cable back up to the top and enjoy an exhilarating ride down!

1. Outdoor Vallarta Adventures – Puerto Vallarta
Theme parks aren’t the only ones with roller coasters! Vallarta Adventures has uniquely combined the feel of a roller coaster and zipline into one grand escapade. They also have a 2nd zipline tour that includes riding 9 ziplines, hiking, rappelling, and water slides. Traverse through Puerto Vallarta’s untouched jungles for an unparalleled zipline experience.

To all those seeking adventure on your next vacation, the only question left is – What are you waiting for?!

Photos are taken in person or provided by the supplier except where credited.