The Untouched Islands

Still wanting to go the Caribbean? Well, you still can! The Caribbean islands cover a vast distance. So while islands such as Puerto Rico, St. Marteen, Turks and Caicos as well as some other islands are in the process of being rebuilt and restored from the recent hurricanes, you can still go on vacation to the Western Caribbean islands that were not touched by the storms. Just read the article by Tom Stieghorst of Travel Weekly entitled “Most Caribbean ports are open for business.” Stieghorst quotes Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald stating “Less than 10% of ports in the broader Caribbean have been impacted down by hurricanes….” That means that 90% of the Caribbean islands are working properly and are completely available for vacationers. Can you believe it?! 90%!

While the recent hurricanes have devastated some tourist destinations, there are many places that were untouched by the fierce storms. Wondering what some of those untouched islands are? Just check out the list below:








Grand Cayman


St. Lucia

St. Kitts



Costa Maya

Other islands that were hit by recent hurricanes but are now up and running properly:


The Bahamas


Dominica Republic

For worldwide travel alerts and warnings, please refer to the State Department’s official website.

Photos are taken in person or provided by the supplier except where credited.

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