The Do’s and Don’ts of Cuba

Dominican Republic

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cuba

Cuba – this Caribbean island has classic 1950’s cars, colorful buildings, and beautiful, sandy beaches. While Cuba has already been a popular hotspot to many travelers around the world, for U.S. Americans, tourism in Cuba is just starting to boom! It is our time to get a taste of the Cuban flavor and enjoy this Caribbean Island that has been closed off to us for so long. Cuba may not be the easiest destination to travel to, but it is worth every second. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts you should know about before traveling to Cuba:


1. Do travel sometime between November and March. The weather is ideal during this time of year.
2. Do go salsa dancing! Even if you can’t dance at all, have a local teach you a few moves or just enjoy the music.
3. Do ride in a vintage car. How many times can you say you’ve been in a 1950’s car…in Cuba?! It makes riding around town quite the adventure.
4. Do see Cuba by going on a cruise or taking an escorted tour. It’s a lot easier than going on your own.
5. Do go to the beach! You are in the Caribbean and Cuba offers amazing, white sand beaches.
6. Do your research and get a travel agent. Regulations are always changing and it’s best to stay on top of the times. Who better to help you than a travel agent?


1. Don’t bring U.S. dollars to exchange for Cuban currency. Instead, exchange your money for currency such as Canadian dollars, Euros, or Pesos first. Then exchange that for Cuban currency. It’s an extra step, but you will get a better exchange rate. Along this note, don’t plan on using your debit or credit cards. Certain regulations have forbidden the use and withdrawal of money with an American debit or credit card.
2. Don’t ride in an unlicensed taxi. This should be a no brainer, but really, better safe than sorry. Make sure you talk about and agree to a fare before you get in the taxi.
3. Don’t drink the water, or even suck on an ice cube for that matter! Not all the water is purified, so make sure to drink water sealed in a bottle. Your body will thank you.
4. Don’t have a lot of expectations. The culture is amazing, but different. There is a unique rhythm to how everything works, so enjoy every part of the journey.
5. Don’t plan on posting selfies on social media using Wi-Fi. Good or even “okay” Internet connections are hard to come by.
6. Don’t forget to read up on the requirements to obtain a visa. Often this entails participation in an approved cultural activity.

For more information regarding travel restrictions and regulations to Cuba, talk to your travel agent.

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