“Airline prices are always subject to change…”

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“Airline prices are always subject to change…”

If you aren’t sweating yet, let me give you a reason to. A few well-known airlines such as American, Delta, and United, have increased their domestic pricing structure. This means that some “multi-segment itineraries now cost a significantly higher amount when they are presented as a single ticket rather than multiple one-way tickets,” said Zane Kerby (President and CEO of the American Society of Travel Agents). If you want to travel, this is something you cannot ignore like you would politics. Airline prices can be expensive, but they just got pricier, especially for traveling businessmen and women. Here are 5 benefits of booking with a travel agent under the new airline prices:

1. With the new airline costs, it will often be cheaper for you to buy 3 separate one way tickets than to buy a full roundtrip ticket all at once. Tickets bought all at once can sometimes end out to be more than double the price of getting each ticket individually. Although it takes agents much longer to book multiple one way airplane tickets (and even longer for you if you did it on your own), it saves you a lot of time and money.

2. Online tools such as search engines, online travel agencies, corporate booking tools, and airline websites only show prices reflecting the new airline pricing structure. Even Expedia, which gives people travel deals, can’t offer a discounted cost. In order to get lower airfare, a travel agent has to manually price out and purchase the ticket for you.

3. Travel agents find out about price changes faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. They are kept up to date on travel bookings and see price changes before anyone else. Agents know a good deal when they see one because they are looking at vacation prices all day long.

4. Packaged deals are acquired through travel agents. For example, booking a flight and hotel room together can save you money rather than purchasing for both separately. You can’t get a package deal without a travel agent.

5. Agents have established relationships with airline companies, and those relationships give you benefits that you couldn’t get otherwise.

With a travel agent, you can feel confident knowing that you are receiving the best value for your vacation. If you want to keep sweating, then book a trip yourself. If you decide to take the cooler route, you will save big and not have to sweat it out. Airline prices are one of the many factors of travel that will always change. Even so, you can count on travel agents to help you save both time and money. Believe me, your family will thank you for it.

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