The Travel Show – September 23, 2017

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On this week’s Travel Show:

  • What a travel agent can do when your travel plans put you in the path of a hurricane
  • 2018 Alaska Cruise with “Pluto” on Princess Cruises
  • LDS Church History tours
  • 2018 Alaska Cruise with Larry Gelwix on Holland America Cruise Line
  • Alaska Cruise sale starting at $599!
  • Unique Alaska cruises
  • Best time to go to Disney World and other Disney World tips
  • Europe travel advice
  • “Iron Dream Team” event tonight (September 23, 2017) with Rod Hutchins and Larry Gelwix
  • Check out the blog on “Traveling During  Hurricane Season”
  • All-Inclusive Cancun vacation packages
  • Airfare and hotel special with purchase of a Hawaii cruise
  • Hawaii Specials – Oahu vacation packages, Kauai vacation packages, Maui vacation packages, Big Island vacation packages
  • Celebrity 8-day cruise special departs April 21st sailing from San Juan to New York City
  • Europe River Cruise advice
  • Cruise specials
  • Great savings in South America
  • Patagonia vacation package – optional Easter Island extension
  • Festival in Rio de Janeiro
  • Empire of the Incas tour with Carlos Fida – Peru vacation package
  • Larry’s Pacific Coast cruise report and teaser for next year
  • Western Mediterranean cruise with Larry Gelwix in May 2018 – Pre-cruise extension in Rome
  • Valentine Cruise with Laura Brotherson – “The Love Cruise”

For “The Best Travel Deals on the Planet” listen to the travel show each week!

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