The Travel Show – July 11, 2020

The Travel Show – July 11, 2020


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On this week’s Travel Show:

  • What has to happen to feel comfortable traveling again
  • TSA and airline mask requirements
  • Cruise line safety measures
  • Cruise deals
  • Solo cruise traveler tips
  • Dream vacations
  • Amazing Antarctica
  • Honolulu to Tahiti cruise April 2021
  • Special Guest: Jim Gee
  • Kenya and the Great Migration
  • Special Guest: Dolores Lopez Lira
  • Cancun highlights
  • Hawaii travel tips
  • The best cruises for kids
  • Cruise benefits, amenities, and freebies
  • Layovers in the EU restrictions
  • Hawaii package deals
  • Is tipping out of control?
  • Jet Blue is moving everything from Long Beach to LAX
  • Delta is building a new hub


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