The Travel Show – January 19, 2019

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On this week’s Travel Show:

  • Double Discounts to Hawaii and Mexico!
  • What is a double discount?
  • Norwegian Cruise Line Deal – Onboard Credit!
  • Royal Caribbean Deal – Discounted cruise fare and Specialty Dining sale
  • Alaska cruise deals with the Getaway Guru
  • Alaska Cruise Itineraries
  • Princess Cruises and Alaska Cruise Tours
  • John Kearns – former Delta Airlines pilot
  • Airline terminology
  • Church History Tours – Coming soon!
  • South Africa vacation package
  • India and Nepal vacation package
  • Australia, New Zealand and Fiji cruise package
  • Cruise around the Hawaiian Islands
  • FREE at Sea specials for Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Utah Travel Expo deals still valid!
  • Travel News You Can Use – Golden Gate Toll Bridge and more!
  • What is included in an All-Inclusive resort?
  • All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta packages
  • All Inclusive Cabo packages
  • Hawaii specials – Oahu vacation packages, Maui vacation packages, Kauai vacation packages, Kona vacation packages.
  • Honolulu to Tahiti cruise package
  • Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore cruise package on the Star Clipper with the Getaway Guru
  • Holy Land Tours with the Getaway Guru and Dann Hone
  • Intensive Holy Land program
  • South America vacation package in 2019 – limited space!
  • Empire of the Incas vacation package


For “The Best Travel Deals on the Planet” listen to the travel show each week!

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