The Travel Show – April 13, 2019

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On this week’s Travel Show:

  • Travel News – Top airline ratings, best U.S. airline’s rewards program, and more!
  • Mark Jr Faldmo in Petra, Jordan
  • Park n’ Jet – Airport parking discount
  • Super Savings Getaway Sale – Ends April 19th!
  • Double Discounts to Hawaii and Mexico
  • All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta vacation packages
  • All Inclusive Cancun vacation packages
  • Airline etiquette – airline seats and more!
  • Benefits of an escorted tour
  • What to do in Italy
  • Italy tour deals
  • Europe escorted tour deals
  • AMAWaterways + FREE air on select Europe river cruises
  • Hawaii specials – Oahu vacation packages, Maui vacation packages, Kauai vacation packages, Kona vacation packages.
  • Disneyland deals – Kid’s Size Vacation Package
  • Larry in the Holy Land
  • June 2019 and March 2020 Holy Land package
  • Enchanting Rhine River Cruise with the Getaway Guru on AMAWaterways
  • Summer Alaska cruise special with the Getaway Guru on Princess Cruise Line
  • Europe Christmas Markets Cruise with the Getaway Guru
  • Fall Break Disney Cruise with John Potter
  • Halloween on the High Seas
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