Off Season Travel – Best Times to Beat the Crowds (and the Prices)

Dominican Republic

Off Season Travel – Best Times to Beat the Crowds (and the Prices)

What makes the “off season” a great time to travel?  Many factors go into this, depending on the destination.

Weather is one of the biggest factors that affect travel. During the hurricane season (June 1 – November 30) cruise lines will drop prices in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Bahamas 40 – 60%. The seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are opposite those of the Northern Hemisphere. That means that in many countries such as Australia, Brazil, and South Africa, winter begins in June and summer begins December 21 or 22.  Because weather can be a factor, you should remember you are getting a great price but may have a chance of less than ideal weather.  If you are good with that, go ahead and enjoy the savings!

School is in session. When kids go back to school, prices decrease. It is all a matter of supply and demand. Fewer people are able to travel when school begins, so the demand decreases. To increase this demand, travel suppliers lower prices during the months of August – November and January – May. This does not apply to beach destinations like Mexico and Hawaii.  This is their peak season when we are escaping to warm weather destinations to avoid our own cold weather!

The peak times related to school vacations are December during Christmas time and March during Spring Break.

Visit Mexico between the day after Easter and mid-December, when prices may drop 20 – 50%.

Hawaii’s off-peak time is mid-April to the middle of June, then again from September to mid-December. The number of tourists drops dramatically at these times so there are fewer crowds. 

See California from November to February to receive off season savings.

Florida’s off season ranges between the months of June and early September. If you want to avoid the Sunshine State’s hot and humid summer, it is well worth going off season to save.

The wet season in Southeast Asia is considered its off season. June through October is generally considered the wet season and is the most likely time for monsoon rains.

The majority of South America is south of the equator, which means the seasons are opposite those of the Northern Hemisphere.  The off season for South America is between the months of June and August.

Tour Europe during the colder months of November through March if your schedule allows.  Europe is a great destination any time of year, but there are smaller crowds, airline prices drop, and hotels are quieter as well as less expensive during our winter months.

When planning a Caribbean cruise, keep in mind the money you can save by traveling from June to November. Cruise lines drop prices dramatically and you can save big when planning smart.

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