How to Experience Tahiti

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How to Experience Tahiti

It’s easy to assume that the only thing people do in Tahiti is relax on the beach. A person couldn’t be more wrong! And you don’t need to be on a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary to travel to Tahiti either. French Polynesia consists of 118 islands, with Tahiti being the largest. These islands of paradise provide the ideal space for people from all over the world to enjoy its stunning landscapes and beautiful ocean life. Many get only one chance to walk across its soft sandy beaches and view its crystal blue waters, when it is a destination worthy of a reunion. But, whether it’s your first, second, or third visit, how you see and experience it can make all the difference.

On a land-based vacation, people typically visit the big island of Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea during their stay. Traveling between islands is fairly easy. You can take a short flight on Air Tahiti or travel by catamaran. Either way, the views are beautiful. Stepping off the airplane and getting the rush of sunshine across your face is worth the long flight. The island life provides a picture-perfect atmosphere for those who love adventure and seek adrenaline. From surfing lessons to snorkeling among the tropical underwater world, opportunities are endless. Not to mention swimming with the sharks, diving for pearls, and visiting sacred burial grounds. Tahiti is also one of the few places in the world where you can indulge in a private over-water bungalow – a dream accommodation! Enjoy feeding fish straight from your balcony. Or, pamper yourself with a garden bungalow which includes its own secluded plunge pool.

Cruising is a fabulous way to experience Tahiti and her islands. You get to encounter multiple islands without the worry of repacking your suitcase more than once. Cruises even take care of questions like “What am I going to eat for dinner tonight?” There are three cruise lines that offer itineraries worthy of a true Tahitian vacation.

  • The Royal Princess provides a classic itinerary in true traditional cruise fashion to some of the most beautiful places.
  • If luxury is what you seek, the intimate m/s Paul Gauguin provides various French Polynesia itineraries. See Tahiti and the surrounding islands with absolute ease and comfort.
  • The Aranui 3: For a completely unique experience, sail onboard the Aranui 3, a freighter/passenger ship. It provides an immersive opportunity to become acquainted with the local people from the very beginning. For more information, check out this article: Aranui – A Cruise Experience Unlike Any Other.

It’s no secret that a trip to Tahiti can get expensive pretty quick, particularly if you are seeing the islands by foot rather than by cruise ship. Keep in mind that even though over-water bungalows are absolutely delightful, they are not the most budget friendly accommodations. If you have the money for it, then go for it! If you don’t, consider spending your money on activities or entertainment for less. Another thing to watch out for is food! Except for the exquisite fruit and fresh seafood, food has to be shipped to each of the islands. This often makes food costly, especially if you are eating out for every meal. In this case, cruising to various Tahitian islands is a better value because your food is already included in the cruise fare.

You can make Tahiti a reality. It’s easy to see multiple islands when you sail on a cruise ship, but staying in a resort may take some more planning. Whether you fly to French Polynesia or cruise around the islands, make sure you take the time to become acquainted with the island culture. There is so much to see!

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