Give the Gift of Travel

Christmas beach vacation

Give the Gift of Travel

Need an idea for an extra special gift to give to someone this holiday season? Then look no further! Here are 5 reasons why you should give the gift of travel:

Make memories: Whether it’s your brother creating annoying noises that make you cringe or your family laughing so hard your stomach hurts, these memories last a lifetime compared to the 6-12 month memory span of an object tied in paper and bows. While your material gifts will eventually be given to charity or thrown in the trash can, your travel memories will long be remembered and appreciated.

It’s a family thing: Not a selfie thing. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 85, travel applies to all ages. It’s hard to forget a little girl’s face when she meets Mickey Mouse or an elderly father’s excitement about going to a country where his ancestors are from. Not only will you be giving a gift to someone else, but you get to be a part of that gift because you can go along! Travel isn’t excluded to just one person; it can be shared by the entire family.
Increase Knowledge: All who regularly travel know that getting to a destination is more than relaxing on a beach or hiking through a jungle. Traveling not only grants the opportunity to learn about different cultures, but you also learn more about yourself. Kids realize that there is much more outside of the bubble they live in and can learn to appreciate those who are different from themselves.

Unique Gift: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched on Pinterest for “unique gift ideas.” While some items are quite unique, they can’t compare with the excitement travel gives well after the present has been opened. For birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc., material objects are always available and new items are being created. There really is no end to it. On the other hand, travel comes in a variety of packages and sizes and cannot be replaced. The experience and memory only happens once because even if you go to the same destination multiple times, you create new memories every time you travel.

Change Your Life: Travel inspires, motivates, and encourages. Experiences abroad can give you better clarity to battle with trials on the home front and to make better decisions. Life isn’t based on the material possessions, but on the memories and bonding experience you make with family and friends. The gift of travel is a way to give the gift of spending time with someone.

Travel is one of the best gifts to give. So for this Christmas and many to come, give the gift of travel.

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