Getting Comfortable in Coach

You probably think getting comfortable in a coach airline seat is mission impossible and in some ways it probably is. It seems like airline seats were designed for Munchkins rather than real people. Here are some helpful suggestions of what you can do to make your trip at 30,000 feet more enjoyable.

  • Get to the airport early, check-in, and get through security. This will not make your airline seat more comfortable, but it will reduce your stress and anxiety. You may wish to consider applying for TSA pre-check that speeds you through TSA security. See:
  • Check-in with your airline online, reconfirm your flight times, and print your boarding passes.
  • Airlines board their planes by zone. Inch a bit closer to the entry gate so that when your zone is called you will be one of the first to board. You are more likely to get overhead bin space than if you board later.
  • When choosing your seat assignment, look at This helpful web site will tell you what seats to avoid, including seats that have no or limited recline, less leg room, or next to the toilet.
  • Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that “breathes” well. Bring an extra pair of socks or slippers so you can remove your shoes.
  • Consider bringing a good travel pillow and something for lumbar support. This can make a huge difference in your seating comfort.
  • Get up, stretch, and walk up and down the aisle every hour or so. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious health concern for all airline passengers sitting for long periods of time. It helps if you have reserved an aisle seat as you do not need to “crawl” over people to get up.
  • Bring along earplugs, eye masks, and noise-cancelling headphones.
  • To pass the time, have some reading material and/or electronic devices.
  • The sit back, relax, and dream about Hawaii!

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