Flying During Covid – Delta Care Standard

Flying During Covid – Delta Care Standard

By Mark Faldmo
VP-Marketing Columbus Travel

Air travel has certainly changed over the past few months.  Recently, I have taken several trips for work. I have been very impressed with the travel experience and what airlines are doing to keep us safe and healthy when traveling.

I have been especially impressed with Delta Airlines. From the moment you arrive at the airport you will notice hand sanitizers everywhere. Delta has even added additional hand sanitizer on top of what the airport provides.  Masks are required in the airport and on the flight (you will get several reminders about masks during the flight). When you board the flight, you will be given wipes to use if you want to sanitize even more than what has been done pre-flight. Cabin service has been cut back to minimize touch points.

These are things passengers will see, but behind the scenes Delta is also taking the lead including sanitizing aircraft before each flight, reducing the number of passengers on each flight for proper distancing, and adding hospital grade air filters. In fact, Harvard did a study about air travel and concluded that with proper precautions air travel could be safer than going to the grocery store (you can read the study here).

Below is a video about what Delta Airlines is doing to help provide a safe travel environment for their guests.