Family Travel Planning


Family Travel Planning

Traveling as a family is a rich and rewarding experience, albeit with some anxiety at times! But from it come a lifetime of memories and smiles. Try this simple test. You have just two seconds to answer this question: Name a gift you received for your birthday five years ago? 10 years ago? Two years ago? Can’t do it, can you? Now, name a place or destination you have traveled with your family. Your answer came quickly, didn’t it? Why? Because family travel really does create a lifetime of wonderful memories. Listed below are several helpful ideas in planning your next family travel adventure.

Plan Ahead. This is so simple, but rarely done. Council as a family as to when and where you might like to vacation. Family members can be given assignments to report on fun things to do. This will build the excitement of all family members.

Budget. Discuss your travel budget. Be sure to include what you are likely to spend on food, entertainment, and shopping; in addition to air, gasoline (if you’re driving), and hotel.

Monthly Savings. This will really help you. Set aside a separate bank account and make a monthly deposit. You can also make a regular deposit to Columbus Travel even before you decide on where you are going. You may not deposit the full amount of your trip, but you will have a significant amount set aside toward the final payment.

Keep Your Options Open. Unless you are absolutely fixed on a single destination, it’s a good idea to consider several places to vacation. Great travel deals come by all the time. Register for Columbus Travel’s free “Hot Travel Deal Update” email and listen every week to the “Travel Show” radio broadcast and wait for a “screaming deal” to come along.

Seasonal Travel Discounts. Most airlines, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, and theme parks offer different prices at different times of the year. For example, airlines offer tiered pricing to many destination, viz., peak, shoulder, and low seasons rates. Airfares to some European cities increase on June 1 going from shoulder season to peak season rates. If you depart the day before peak season fares take effect, you travel round-trip at the lower shoulder season price.

Have Fun. Involve all family members in the planning, research, and preparation of your family travel adventure. It will build family love and unity and enhance your family travel experience.

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