Incredible India

Are you ready to experience India? The Golden Triangle of India is a must-see for travelers and is included in the itinerary below. A stop at the Taj Mahal will be absolutely breathtaking. India is a destination to experience at least once in your lifetime! Beautiful hotels and tasty food will add to an already rich tour experience.

Your Host: Mitzi Coffey
Mitzi Coffey is passionate about seeing the world, experiencing different cultures, meeting new friends and having adventures everywhere she can! She has been in the travel industry for over 30 years as a tour operator and travel host. Mitzi has designed, operated and escorted customized tour groups all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. She can’t decide if it’s more fun to brunch at a Paris café with croissants and pastries or to hike the Himalayan foothills, but wherever she goes, she falls in love with the people, food, customs and nature. As a tour host, her commitment is to create wonderful memories and a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of this beautiful world and people. Mitzi lives in Las Vegas, is an executive director for the largest aerial sightseeing company in the world, and is actively involved in several charitable organizations. Come along on a tour with her and experience falling in love with the world as she does.

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