Best Cruise Values Around the World


Best Cruise Values Around the World

The BEST time to cruise is always when you can get the BEST value. Cruise travel deals are far better than the $1 Value Menu at McDonalds; and I’m not just talking about great travel deals that pop up here and there either. Rather, I’m talking about the travel value – the meat, the potatoes, and the whole enchilada! You get the picture. A phenomenal cruise value is when you get all the bells and whistles for a discounted price. While researching, it may be hard to spot ideal cruises. That is why travel agents, your guided travel experts, are there to help you identify and select the best cruise and price for you.

For your desired destination, consider the cruise season, your personal schedule, and months of the year to travel that would give you the most benefits for a lower price.

The following chart will be able to assist you in the decision making process and help you decide when the best times are to travel to various destinations. Remember, these are just recommendations and consider the *peak season time when prices are generally at an all time high. See a travel agent to get more information and to learn about the perks you can receive for a great price.

Destination                                    Cruise Season                            Season/Months that Contain the Best Value

Alaska                                            May-September                                            May and September

Asia                                                   Year Round                                      January, March, November, December

Australia                                      November-March                                      Early Spring and late Fall
New Zealand

Bahamas                                         Year Round                                                      Year Round

Canada/New England           September and October                               September and October

Caribbean                                      Year Round                                                    October-January

Europe                                           April-December                                            April and late Fall

Hawaii                                            Year Round                                                   December-April

Mexican Riviera                            Year Round                                                    Spring and Fall

Panama Canal                             October-April                                                 October-January

South America              January-March and November-April              January-April and November

Transatlantic                              Spring and Fall                                                 Spring and Fall

World Cruise                              January-August                                                January and May


* Peak season is generally February, March, summer months, and all major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc).

Portions of the travel mentioned here may have been provided at a reduced rate or complimentary by travel suppliers.  Photos are taken in person or provided by the supplier except where credited.