Benefits of Fall Travel


Benefits of Fall Travel

If you’ve never considered travelling in the fall, it’s time for you to give it a chance! Although in many places it is considered the off-season, it is actually one of the best times to visit popular destinations such as Hawaii and Europe, or to take that cruise you’ve been dreaming about. Some of the best deals during the year are for fall travel, there are fewer crowds, and the weather is generally mild and pleasant.

Great Budget-Friendly Deals!
Because most people travel during the months of June, July, and August, prices for airfare, hotels, and tours are at their highest points during this time. Once the summer season is over, prices drop –considerably. Often, there are promotions and sales for fall as well that can help keep costs down. Caribbean travel is especially inexpensive thanks to the hurricane season. Saving money by avoiding the busy summer means that you have more money to spend while on your vacation – and who doesn’t love that!?

It is worth noting that autumn is hurricane season in the Caribbean, which can make travelers feel a bit apprehensive about booking a trip there. If you’re concerned about your vacation, keep in mind that cruise lines can and will change course to avoid the paths of hurricanes, but there are only so many flight options if you choose a land-only package during this time. For more information, check out Traveling During Hurricane Season.

Fewer Crowds
During summer, when most schools close their doors for a time and many families head out on vacation, your dream destinations will be at peak capacity. Traveling in the fall when students are back in school and after most people have spent their vacation days means shorter lines at museums, shorter wait times at restaurants, and less hassle. You can forget about elbowing your way through hordes of tourists to take pictures of local landmarks!

Pleasant Weather
Fall weather is almost perfect no matter where you go. Temperatures are generally mild and comfortable, especially in Europe (although you can always expect rain in the U.K.!). New England can be chilly, but the cooler temperatures only add to the fall appeal if you’re there to see the leaves changing colors – turning into bright shades of red, yellow, and orange. In warmer climates such as Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean the weather is still warm, but not overly stifling and hot like it is in the summer.

While traveling during the peak summer months might seem like the most convenient time to go, the shoulder seasons offer many benefits that simply can’t be beat. Consider making the fall your new go-to travel months.

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