Alaska’s Unique Itineraries

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Alaska’s Unique Itineraries

Each year, tourists covet the alluring and rugged landscapes of Alaska. Many crave the chance to come face to face with Alaska’s wild frontier and become acquainted with its many intriguing wildlife attractions. So, no wonder that one of the most popular cruising destinations each year is Alaska. With its beautiful coastline, majestic glaciers, quaint villages, and shimmering waters, the scenery is hard to beat! While there is no wrong way to cruise Alaska’s stunning coasts, each itinerary has its benefits.

Sailing round trip Alaska is appealing to many cruise passengers and is often the most popular itinerary. Airfare prices are usually less expensive and travel arrangements are simply easier because there is only one home port that the cruise sails out and back to. Carved out by glaciers during the last ice age, this cruise is full of stunning views and its own unique character. Ports of call usually include historic Skagway, beautiful Ketchikan, and the capital city, Juneau. Depending on the cruise line, the itinerary may include other stops such as Sitka, Haines, or Victoria, Canada. Cruises sailing round trip Seattle are especially beneficial for American tourists who do not have a valid passport because they may still have the benefit of visiting Vancouver or Victoria, Canada.

One-way Alaska itineraries, northbound or southbound, are attractive to those who want to spend more time in Alaskan ports. There are also more opportunities to book longer Alaska cruise getaways. Southbound cruises often depart from Whittier or Seward, while northbound cruises often depart from Vancouver, BC. These itineraries usually include College Fjord instead of Glacier Bay or Hubbard Glacier, a route that includes a number of spectacular glaciers in its own right named after various Ivy League schools. Harvard Glacier is the largest of the College Fjord glaciers and it is the second-largest tidewater glacier in Prince William Sound.

Cruise tours include a northbound or southbound cruise, plus a multi-day land tour that takes you through Denali National Park and Mount McKinley, as well as perhaps Fairbanks and/or Kenai. These tours allow you to see the heart of Alaska and get a taste of what it’s like away from the water. Here you will see some of the most beautiful and intriguing scenery the area has to offer. This is a great option for people looking to see more land and have an interest in Alaskan history. Touring includes motor coaches and trains and requires purchasing separate airfare for your start and end cities.

Regardless of what Alaska itinerary you choose, make sure you get a balcony so that you can truly maximize your experience and not waste a single second.

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