London Travel Guide: A Beginner’s Guide to the London Area


London Travel Guide: A Beginner’s Guide to the London Area

Samuel Johnson once said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” and this still holds true today. Whether it is your first or millionth time traveling to London, you can always find new ways to embrace the culture as both a tourist and a local. Below, in our London Travel Guide, you will find a few of our tips and tricks to make the most of your next London experience.

The top 11 things to see in the London area (because 10 wouldn’t quite do it):

  1. Big Ben (Under construction until 2021)
  2. London Eye (While a popular tourist attraction to hit up, a good alternative and money saving option is to go to Paul’s Cathedral. Here you can get a magnificent view of London by climbing to the top of the dome and walking around the rotunda.)
  3. Stonehenge
  4. The Roman Baths
  5. Windsor Castle
  6. Hyde Park
  7. Westminster Abbey
  8. Buckingham Palace
  9. Tower Bridge
  10. Kensington Palace
  11. The British Museum

Do as the locals do:

  • Forget the taxi! Ride a bike around the city.
  • Get a 99p at an ice cream stand on a sunny day in Hyde Park.
  • Instead of watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, consider going to the Horse Guards’ Parade where it is less crowded, but still impressive.
  • Meander through one of London’s markets such as Camden Market or Borough Market. Both are great places to find funky and unique souvenirs.

What to eat:

  • Fish & chips
  • Scones
  • Tea & biscuits
  • Pub food – Pubs are often family friendly, social hubs with delicious food.

Where to stay: From luxurious stays to quaint bed and breakfasts, Kensington, Chelsea, Victoria Station, Hyde Park, or Mayfair are great places to call your holiday home.

When to go: To get a good mix of great weather and smaller crowds, vacation in London during the months of May, June, or September.

Words, Expressions, & British Slang: When in Britain, speak as the Britain’s do! These are just a few examples, but they may come in handy. (Britain – America)

  • 999 – 911 (Police)
  • A&E – Emergency Room
  • Boot (of a car) – Trunk
  • Biscuits – Cookies
  • Chemist – Drugstore
  • Chips – French Fries
  • Crisps – Potato Chips
  • Holiday – Vacation
  • Ground Floor – First floor
  • Quid – 1 pound (money)
  • Lift – Elevator
  • (Shopping) Trolley – Shopping cart
  • Loo/WC – Restroom
  • Lorry – Truck
  • Pence – Cents
  • Posh – Fancy
  • Squash – Syrup based drink
  • Underground/ Tube – Subway

What are your recommendations for a unique London area experience?

Photos are taken in person or provided by the supplier except where credited.