8 American History Sites every citizen should see

8 American History Sites every citizen should see

“O’er the land of the free and the home of the home of the brave,” this country has many phenomenal places that mark change and hold historical value. While it may be hard to reach all of them, we’ve compiled a list of our top must-see sites we think every citizen should see.

• Battle of Lexington and Concord: Change often occurs because of war or movements. Lexington and Concord were no different. In April of 1775, these battles marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

• Tenement Museum: The United States is based on immigrants and what better way to learn about American history than to see where people stayed after their long voyages over to the New World. Immigrants came to America over decades, they are still coming. This restored apartment complex/museum allows visitors to see what living conditions were like in different time periods.

• Ellis Island: Between 1802 and 1954, this island became the busiest immigrant inspection station. Over 12 million immigrants passed through here for the purpose of a better life. What better way to catch their perspective than to go to Ellis Island.

• FDR’s Home and Presidential Library: The home, also known as Springwood estate, is not only where FDR was born and raised, but also where his burial place lies. FDR was the first to donate his papers to the public, which he put in a presidential library. It contains historical papers, books, and memorabilia from the president of the US. These papers hold valuable legacies.

• Gettysburg: As the place which marks Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address and the turning point of the Civil War, Gettysburg is a reminder of courageous men and women who fought to keep this country together.

• National Underground Railroad Freedom Center: The purpose of this center “…is to reveal stories of freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, challenging and inspiring everyone to take courageous steps of freedom today.” (http://www.freedomcenter.org/about-us)

• Norman Rockwell Museum: This is a museum full of…you got it, Norman Rockwell art. You don’t always have to go to a monument to see history. Rockwell infused American culture and history into his paintings.

• Freedom Trail: The Freedom trail is a 2.5 mile walking tour which takes people on a journey to 16 locations such as churches, burying grounds, and meetinghouses that are noteworthy to American history. You can also hear wonderful stories of how early settlers confronted the Brits!

Through these sites, you will experience history as never before. You will catch a glimpse of heroes from the past, feel the hard ache from the battles men and women fought, gain a new perspective of the immigrants who went through inspection at Ellis Island, and much more.

What are your top must-see American history sites?

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