6 Fabulous Beach Essentials


6 Fabulous Beach Essentials

Anything that makes vacationing easier, count me in! I’m all about bringing things that are practical and affordable and I think I just may have found the perfect list of essential beach items. Not only can they be easily stowed away in your luggage, but you can find an inexpensive selection of each item at the dollar store or online. Win, win!

  1. Baby Powder: While many beaches nowadays seem to have an outdoor shower or water spout to wash off the sand and grime, there always seems to be a patch of sand that follows me back to my car…that is, until I started using baby powder. You can directly sprinkle the baby powder on your skin or put a handful in a sock, rub the sock wherever the sand has claimed territory, and then watch as the sand falls off!
  2. Mesh Bag: Perfect for the college student doing laundry and for holding all of the beach toys! Any sand accidentally pulled in when gathering up the toys can be shaken out of the tied bag. It falls right through the mesh. It’s like a food strainer, but for beach toys!
  3. Dry Bag: There are a few things I bring to the beach that I don’t like getting wet or sandy – aka my phone or DSL camera. When I’m not using them, I put my valuables in the dry bag to keep it safe and dry.
  4. Portable Power Bank: I never have to worry about my phone running out of battery anymore. Whether I’m at the beach or away from my hotel room, the portable power bank is small enough to carry with you and makes sure that you can still use your phone whenever needed.
  5. Snacks: I am the definition of “hangry” if I go without food, so a day on the beach is not complete without a bag full of snacks. When you play (or relax) hard, your body needs plenty of nutrients to refuel itself. Unless you brought a cooler with you, bring treats that won’t melt or go bad laying out in the sun all day. Granola bars, pretzels, crackers, oranges, trail mix (careful if the bag has M&M’s in it) or candy such as Swedish Fish, Starbursts and Gummy Bears are all great choices.
  6. Beach Blanket: Blankets, chairs, and an umbrella are all things I have used to make my beach day more comfortable. However, depending on my luggage size and what beach destination I have chosen to go to, I often just stick to bringing a thin beach blanket. Once I arrive at the beach, I scout out my surrounding area and try to find an unclaimed spot under a palm tree.

What is your go to beach item?


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