5 Ultimate Travel Preparation Tips

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5 Ultimate Travel Preparation Tips

How you prepare for your vacation can either make or break your holiday. While there are many health tips, packing tips, booking tips, and more roaming around on the internet, I have come up with 5 ULTIMATE preparation tips that will not only save you time, but money as well.

  1. Be Familiar with your Travel Documents: This is by far one of the most important things you can do! Many people skim over their documents or wait until the last minute to look at their travel documents. You may be surprised at how often people miss their flights because they didn’t realize there was an airline schedule change or they mistook AM for PM. Take the time to read through your travel documents – this means your flight itinerary, hotel information, and tour guidelines. Don’t just give your documents a light skim through. Read through the documents you receive so you know when and where to be.
  2. Purchase Travel Protection: Travel protection is essential no matter your age. We can’t expect the unexpected, but we can definitely plan for it. Travel protection can give you the comfort and peace of mind that if the unexpected does occur, someone has your back…especially your wallet’s back. Read this blog for more information: You Don’t Need Travel Protection If…
  3. Making the “What to Do and See” Decision (courtesy of the Getaway Guru): For those not going on an escorted tour where the “to do’s” and “to see’s” are already planned for, figuring it all out yourself may seem a bit overwhelming. So get out a piece of paper or open up a note or empty document on your favorite technological device. Make 3 columns and title them: A – “Would die if you can’t see it,” B – “If you have time, this is your next priority,” and C – “Would like to see, but you can live without it.” Then categorize your desired activities in the 3 columns. Whatever is in the first column, plan and prioritize into each day of your vacation. If there is still room to do and see other things, fit the activities from the 2nd and 3rd column respectively.
  4. What to Bring (courtesy of the Getaway Guru): Lay out all the clothes you want to take with you and the money you are planning to bring. Then, cut the amount of clothes in half and double the money.
  5. Never Leave on Vacation without a Travel Agent: In other words, always get a travel agent to do the booking for you. If any problems arise such as a flight cancellation, your travel agent can advise you on what to do. Read the following blogs for more information on benefits of having a travel agent: Reasons to Use a Travel Agent and A Dozen Reasons to Book With a Travel Agent

So get out there! See the world! And remember the 5 Ultimate Travel tips that will save you time, money, and ultimately your vacation.

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