5 Benefits of Cruising

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5 Benefits of Cruising

Planning a vacation means asking a lot of questions. Where do you want to go, how long will you be gone, what kinds of things do you want to do and see. And one of the most popular questions is whether or not you should choose to go on a cruise. This can be a great choice for many reasons and I’ll tell you why.

The cost. That’s right, if you look at everything a cruise includes compared to just about any other vacation, you may be pleasantly surprised at what a great value it can be.  With a cruise, you get a gym pass, fabulous shows, many have kid’s clubs and babysitting services, and so much more! Not to mention the food that is included! Exquisite dining, casual buffets, and room service is just the start of a food paradise. Check out this article “Why Cruise the Hawaiian Island?” to see a price comparison between a Hawaii cruise and land package. While prices fluctuate depending on the time of year, this is a great resource to see the cost of each vacation. Still not convinced? Then just call your trusted travel agent!

Cruising is all about convenience. Who doesn’t love the ease of only having to pack and unpack once for an entire trip? On top of that, you don’t have to worry about paying for every meal, figuring out transportation from one city to another, or checking in and out of multiple hotels. Everything is in one place, leaving you free to spend your time focusing on enjoying every second of your vacation.

The options almost seem endless. There are many cruise lines to choose from and each one offers its own unique experience. Onboard you will find a variety of activities from fitness classes to high quality theatrical entertainment and everything in between. Each port offers unique and immersive shore excursion experiences. Depending on your personal preferences, some cruise lines may be better suited to your needs than others. Royal Caribbean caters towards providing the ultimate dream vacation for families, while Princess Cruises and Holland Cruise Line cater more towards couples. On the other hand, Norwegian and Disney are great choices for young couples and families alike.

Planning a cruise isn’t as stressful. It’s no secret – planning a vacation, whether it’s for three days or three months, is not always easy! Between flights, car rentals, hotels, food, and activities, it can be a real headache trying to keep track of everything on your own. Especially if you don’t have a travel agent to help you out. Choosing a cruise means letting the cruise company handle the details including where you’re going and when so that you can truly relax, lay back, and enjoy the ride.

Some people love to wake up at the crack of dawn and pack as many activities and into their day as possible, while others prefer to indulge in lazy mornings and a “no rush” attitude. Cruise lines provide at atmosphere for both kinds of travelers to relish their vacation in any way they choose. Daily itineraries packed full of activities and entertainment are there for the taking, as well as comfortable cabin rooms, poolside service, and quiet lounges to provide ample opportunities for each person to live their best vacation. A cruise lets you choose your own schedule onboard.

There are so many things to love about cruising. What do you enjoy the most?

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