3 Ways to go on Vacation

Patagonia, South America

3 Ways to go on Vacation

There are three ways to see a destination and no wrong way to go about it. Each will give you a different perspective of the culture and history of the land. Wondering what route is right for you? Here are the advantages of an ocean cruise, river cruise, and land tour:

Ocean Cruise
An ocean cruise is the perfect way to see a broad spectrum of countries and cities and the best part is you only have to pack and unpack once. Not only are you able to set foot onto different ports, but you can get a taste of different cultures through a variety of shore excursions. These destinations are robust and exotic, prepared to enhance your journey for fun and exploration. Landing in different ports isn’t the only experience you’ll enjoy. Your onboard experience is a destination in and of itself. If you don’t want to explore the cities at each port, you can stay onboard. You also have access to islands and locations where you may not have the time or energy to get to by another route. An ocean cruise is easy to plan and there are always great deals to help you save money.

River Cruise
You can forget about asking “Are we there yet?” because on a river cruise, you are at a new port every day! Leave the fears of big open water at home, for these river cruises follow the banks of well-known cities. This vacation is easy to plan and the packing and unpacking is only done once, giving you more time to divulge in the culture and see more on your trip. The ships are smaller than ocean cruises, which gives a more personal and familial touch. All of your shore excursions and meals are included. Don’t want to worry about formal wear and lots of kids? Then you’ve come to the right place because dress code is casual wear and kids are a rarity. Whether you are on or off the ship, you have many opportunities to engross yourself in the culture.

Land Tour
If you want to roam free and set your own course, then a land tour is the perfect opportunity! Enjoy an itinerary personally customized just the way you want it. Even something simple like a dress code is your preference- whether you want to dress formal for the night or casual. With an infinite number of cities you can travel to, your options are endless. Touring a destination by land allows you to catch a view of the scenic route, where you can dive deeper into places no boat can go. On your journey, you can receive insight about the local culture and sights available to you from the people themselves. Since you’re making your own unique adventure, you can count on no surprise costs at the end of your trip.

However you decide to travel, you can’t go wrong. You may even choose to try all 3 adventures! What way do you like to travel?

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