3 Ways to Choose an All-Inclusive Resort

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3 Ways to Choose an All-Inclusive Resort

You have decided to stay at an all-inclusive resort. And I mean, why not? You get the best value for what you are going to pay. While many all-inclusive resorts include your hotel room, entertainment, tips, gratuities, some non-motorized water sports, food, and beverages, many resorts also offer a variety of water parks, exercise and spa amenities, and more! In other words, not all resorts are created equal. So how do you choose where you are going to stay? Ask yourself the following 3 questions to help narrow down the best resort for you.

If you forgot what an all-inclusive resort is or where to find one, read this blog and then hurry right back!

1. What activities and amenities do you want your resort to offer?

Think of what you want to do while on vacation and find a resort that offers those activities. Resorts can include anything from tours to exclusive restaurants. Nickelodeon Resorts have phenomenal kid water parks! Other resorts greet you with a drink at check-in. If you like to kayak or snorkel, then you will want to stay at a resort that offers these activities. Some resorts provide top of the line fitness amenities or dance classes. Luxury resorts such as Hard Rock, Sandos or Karisma hotels have higher quality food, more restaurant options and provide personalized attention.

2. What vacation experience do you want?

The location of your resort is just as important as what the resort offers, if not more. Where your resort is located will determine what kind of experience you will have. For example, the Hotel Zone in Cancun is considered to be a party zone. The hotels are all close together making it crowded but with an exciting environment full of high energy. There are a lot of bars and there is a fabulous night life. Then head down to the Riviera Maya where hotels are a little more spread out. You are surrounded with more jungle and beach than other hotels. This atmosphere is relaxed and much more laid back. In other words, you can go to Cancun but have completely different experiences depending on where you stay.

3. Are you going for an adult-only vacation or a family friendly one?

Think of an adult’s only resort as your very own “no kids club” area. All the activities offered are planned with you in mind. Entertainment and amenities are provided to give you a break from well, being an adult. On the other side, many resorts offer kid-friendly waterparks, kids clubs, or activities for the whole family. But just because it is family friendly, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your “adult only” time. They have your back! Some resorts have phenomenal baby-sitting perks designed to entertain your children while you go out. Double check with the resort to see what they offer. While it may be considered a “family friendly” resort, it may not include all of the kid perks you have in mind.

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