15 Awesome Facts about Disney Parks

The next time you visit Disneyland or Disneyworld, keep in mind these fun facts:

  1. At the back of the Haunted Mansion, you will find a pet cemetery. Don’t worry though, it isn’t actually real.
  2. On the summit of the Matterhorn, employees can play basketball.
  3. Disneyland’s fire station has a hidden apartment. Park visitors would always know when Walt was there because the lamp in the window would be turned on. Today, the lamp continues to stay bright in memory of his spirit.
  4. In order to keep all the rodents away, 200 or so nocturnal cats live in Disneyland.
  5. Within Matterhorn, the abominable snowman’s name is Harold.
  6. There are undercover cops dressed as civilians to protect and help visitors.
  7. In ToonTown, jump on a manhole cover and you will find that it plays music.
  8. Underneath Disney World, there is a complete tunnel system.
  9. Walt Disney World is about the size of San Francisco or approximately 40 sq miles.
  10. In the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, It’s A Small World and Carousel of Progress made their first appearance.
  11. By invitation only, you can stay a night in the suite at Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World or Walt Disney’s Dream Suite above Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland.
  12. When obtaining property for Disney World, Walt created fake companies to buy pieces of the land.
  13. Gum is not sold in any of the shops.
  14. Fourteen of the original eighteen Disneyland attractions are still being used today.
  15. Steve Martin and Michelle Pfeiffer used to work at Disneyland.

Photos are taken in person or provided by the supplier except where credited.

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