12 Airport and Airline Etiquette Tips

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12 Airport and Airline Etiquette Tips

For the benefit of your flight experience and for those around you, follow these 12 etiquette tips:

Step away from the baggage carousel: By stepping a foot back, you avoid getting bumped with someone else’s luggage or bumping someone with your own.

Not moving? Stay to the side: Don’t you hate it when you are trying to get somewhere and people are blocking your way?  Whether on the moving belt or in the hallway, if you are not moving somewhere, stand to the side.

Don’t cut in line: Each person has places to go and things to do. Be patient and wait your turn in line.

Wait for your zone: If your zone has not been called, there is no need to crowd the boarding area. This blocks people who have been called to board from getting on the plane.

What to wear: As cozy as sweats or pajamas are, the airport is not the best place for them. Always wear something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in by someone you know.

Phone charging: If your electronic device doesn’t need charging, avoid sitting at or near a charging station. Allow space for those who need to charge their devices. If you are charging a device, try plugging in only one at a time, even if the station is not crowded.

Carry-on luggage: When you are getting on the plane, carry-on luggage, including your back pack, should be in your hand. This ensures that the people already sitting down won’t get smacked as you walk by to your assigned seat.

All about your feet: Trays, arm rests, cabin walls, and the seat in front of you were not made to be foot rests.  If you are adamant about taking off your shoes, at the very least, bring shoe scents and be mindful of those around you.

Middle seat person: The person in the middle seat doesn’t have an aisle to stretch out their legs every once in a while and doesn’t have the cabin wall to rest their head. So in all fairness, the middle person should get both armrests.

Bringing food on the plane: No matter how awesome your food tastes or what wonderful smell it produces, when it is trapped in an enclosed space, it can be too much for those around you. If you can, eat your food before boarding and not on the plane. Smells impact people, so let’s be courteous.

Touch screen: The touch screen is not your punching bag. If it doesn’t seem to be responding to your touch, ask a flight attendant to restart your screen. The person in front of you will be grateful to you for not poking them in the back.

Reclining your seat: Out of respect, check behind you before reclining your seat. You will be invading someone’s space, so be conscientious about when your seat is tilted back, especially during meals.

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