10 Disneyland Fall Break Tips

Halloween can be a “scary” time of year, but fighting your way through the mass of Disneyland tourists can be even scarier. While many other people often have the same idea for their Fall Break plans (to visit Disneyland, of course), there are at least 10 Disneyland tips and tricks to maximize your time, get the most out of your experience, and save your sanity!

  1. Times of Operation: During the Fall, Mickey’s Halloween Party comes into full swing! It is held on select nights and to attend, you must purchase a separate ticket. Because the festivities are within the park itself, Disneyland’s hours of operation change. Make sure you know when the park opens and closes on the days you will be attending the park so as not to miss out!
  2. When to arrive: Be at Disneyland BEFORE the park opens, especially if you don’t have early morning magic hours. Many people sleep in, so the first 2 hours of the day are often less crowded giving you the opportunity to ride more attractions.
  3. Navigating the park: Naturally, a lot of people will work their way around Disneyland by starting at the front of the park and head towards the back. To save time meandering your way around the mass of Fall Break tourists, start your Disney day at the back of the park and work towards the front.
  4. Itinerary: Go on all the rides during the morning and watch the shows in the afternoon. Trust me on this one.
  5. Disneyland Mobile App: On Disneyland’s mobile app, you can access the park map, check out ride wait times, reserve dining reservations and so much more! Plus, it’s free to download!
  6. Fastpass System: Not all rides have a fastpass entry, so make sure you go to those rides first thing in the morning! Plus, did you know you can get a fastpass for specific shows and guarantee a spot to watch the magic?
  7. The Characters: Rather than wait in line after line to talk to all of your favorite Disney characters, book a character dining experience to see multiple characters while you eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Check off 2 things at once for a win-win!
  8. Plan ahead: Events including character dining are hot commodities and sell out fast. If possible, book these ahead to ensure a spot.
  9. Taking a break: If you want to rest your legs or if your child needs a nap, head back to your hotel during the middle of the day when the park is most crowded.
  10. Souvenirs: Either purchase your souvenirs ahead of time or wait until the end of the day.

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