Bayonne, NJ to Halifax & return Review

Continent or Ocean: U.S. - Northeast

Destination City or Cruise Itinerary: Bayonne, NJ to Halifax & return

Cruise Ship or Hotel Name: Royal Caribbean Intl. & Holiday Inn

Rating: 5

Description: The ports of call were wonderful. We thought we had planned for the right time to see the fall leaves, but unfortunately, the weather was too warm. The ship was beautiful & accommodating. It seems it could have been done in 7 days rather than 9, but it was a most delightful 60th anniversary cruise for us.The entertainment on RCI was the best of any cruise we have been on.

Wanda Bush of Columbus was very helpful and efficient and handled our cruise, car rental and hotel accommodations very well. We will look forward to another trip, and will definitely call Wanda @ Columbus when we do.