Anchorage/Cruise to Vancouver Review

Continent or Ocean: U.S. - Northeast

Destination City or Cruise Itinerary: Anchorage/Cruise to Vancouver

Cruise Ship or Hotel Name: BnB/Star Princess

Rating: 5

Description: This was not one of the planned Cruises, but put together by us. Linda made the majority of the trip to what we asked her to do. We flew to Anchorage and spent 6 days there visiting with our grandson and his wife. Stayed at a most wonderful BnB called Camai. The owners were wonderful and the breakfasts were to die for. Caroline and Craig Valentine are the consummate hosts. We enjoyed ourselves so much and had time to relax. We flew out of SLC on June 1 for this part of out trip. On June 6 we boarded the Star Princess to cruise to Vancouver, B.C. This was a wonderful experience. Since this was our first cruise, we had no preconceived ideas as to what to expect. The treatment we received on the boat couldn't have been better.

The cruise exceeded what we really expected as we had no idea as to what to expect.

We are so glad that we could present Linda with a general idea of what we wanted to do and she took it and ran with it. Lina is the consummate travel professional.

While in Vancouver we took the ferry to Vancouver Island for a tour of Victoria and the Buchart Gardens. Out tour operator that took us there was incredible and what an you say negative about the gardens?

This was a wonderful experience and especially because Linda was so helpful and put up with our antics.

Thanks to Linda Wangsgaard and Columbus Travel for a very memorable experience.