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Europe to Brazil Cruise

Are you ready to join Columbus, Cabral and other great explorers as we sail on a transatlantic adventure? Come with us in November and December as we sail from Europe to Brazil and stop at exotic ports along on the way. You will cruise in luxury with Brazilian tourists and enjoy cultural and historic highlights of Spain and Brazil with English-speaking tour guides! You will see Spain, Morocco, the Canary Islands, and some of Brazil’s most exciting port cities, culminating at the feet of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro – WOW! Join your Portuguese and Spanish-speaking host as we go on a voyage to be remembered for years to come!

Your Host: Alf Gunn
Alf Gunn is an expert on travel to Brazil with incredible first-hand knowledge of the customs, culture, and Brazilian lifestyle. Fluency in Portuguese and Spanish afforded him a 30-year FBI career followed by security consulting in Latin America. Now a veteran of eight specialty tours to Brazil, Alf maintains email newsletter correspondence with over 2,000 Americans who have lived in Brazil. He admits he loves to meet people and his trips go beyond sightseeing to provide unique people-to–people experiences on international cruises and in-country tours. He and Marcia call the Pacific Northwest their home, where most of their 12 grand kids live and where he bicycles and sea kayaks year-round.

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Mar 8, 2017 - Sep 8, 2017

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